Unified Communications Solutions

Hosted UC refers to a communication system that uses Voice over IP to provide a Cloud based phone system and messaging systems for businesses. This type of solution provides a customer with the ultimate in flexibility as access to “seats” are typically purchased on a monthly basis and can scale up and down as needed. The hosted infrastructure required to provide UC functions (chat, presence, etc.) resides in the data center of your service provider.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center offers a chance to build relationships with your clients. A Contact Center is the primary link between a business and their customer, where the customer experience will make or break a company.Companies can decrease costs and improve efficiency and productivity. Cloud Contact Center allows instant scalability across multiple locations.

AI Webchat and Omni-channel Automation Solutions

Companies using AI and omni-channel automation see results +104% CSAT scores, +61% revenue and -39% operational costs. Everything we evaluate in your environments is measured for ROI. Based on activity levels payroll can be cut up to 20%+ with AI and chat bot functionality. Let us help guide you with the best solution that fits your needs. We provide free consultation. Professional services for migration and training are available for a flat fee.

Workflow Automation Solutions

Technology Solutions with a proven ROI

People (payroll) - Companies are overpaying 29% on average. Most companies are paying over 30%+. WFO (Workforce Optimization) will help ensure the right people are at the right place, doing the right thing. Contact Center > Call Center. Any employee that interfaces with end users is often better served with CCaaS vs. UCaaS. Ie. IT helpdesk, accounts payable, fulfillment, customer services, etc.

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